Pension Data Export

This screen is used to export payroll pension data that can be uploaded to pension providers.

A specific format for a number of schemes including NEST is offered together with a generic format. If the format for your provider is not supported we can add usually add the format if you can provide a file format specification from your provider.

For each closed payroll where there is a pension scheme in operation an export file is available to be downloaded. The screen lists the files available.

Click on either SPECIFIC SCHEME button or GENERIC EXPORT as required.

Note For a Nest export two dialogue boxes appear requiring some additional information. The first requires a payment source reference, as specified with Nest when the scheme was set up. Note there is a default of PS1 that may be overwritten as multiple payment sources may have been set up. A second dialogue requests the earnings period end date. More information is available from NEST.

A file is downloaded to the local machine and may be sent to the scheme provider.

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