Review Shareholder Dividend Payments

The review screen presents the details of the dividend declaration.

In addition to the details, the financial consequences are shown in total as well as for the individual members. The MINUTE button will produce a PDF file of supporting minutes for the declaration. Although not necessary the minutes pdf file may be stored on the system to be viewed under Saved Reports under the REPORTS menu by clicking the SAVE MINUTE buttonin the header box.

Individual Dividend Tax vouchers can be displayed (as PDF files) by clicking the Print icon adjacent to a member. By clicking the Check All box the greyed out Vouchers Button becomes visible to prepare a PDF file with dividend tax vouchers for all members or those selected.

Although not necessary each individual voucher pdf file may be stored on the system to be viewed from Saved Reports under the REPORTS menu. Click the SAVE VOUCHER button button adjacent to the member.

Note, that until approved, all PDF files will be watermarked with Not Approved.

To approve the declaration, click APPROVE button.

This action will: -

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