Paypal Pay Now Integration

A verified business PayPal account with sterling only balances may be integrated with Liberty Accounts so that Sales invoices may be emailed with a Pay Now button for customer payment through PayPal; either via their PayPal account or by a debit or credit card.

Note PayPal Download Integration may be implemented at the same time as Pay Now integration. See the user guide below.

The Paypal Pay Now Integration process in summary.

  1. Create a PayPal Business Account
  2. Add a PayPal Account into the Liberty System
  3. Create Sales Invoices in the normal way
  4. If emailed the recipient may settle the sales invoice via PayPal

This guide addresses the following topics.

Create a PayPal business account

A PayPal Account is set up from the PayPal web site.


Click Get Started or Sign Up and choose Business Account. Then follow the on screen instructions to complete the PayPal account set up.

Set up a PayPal Account in the System

Now log on to Liberty Accounts and the entity for which the PayPal account is to be set up. Navigate to the Accounts menu and Add Custom Account.

Accounts - Add Custom Account

The usual account maintenance screen is presented. The user will need the following information: -

Enter an account name and select 'Current Assets - Bank Account' as the account type. Tick the PayPal box.

Tick the 'Use this account for the PayPal Pay Now button' and enter the PayPal Business Email in the box.

Confirm that the email address is valid and recognised by PayPal by clicking CHECK If all is correct a zero value payment screen from PayPal is presented.

If only the Pay Now feature is to be used no further information is necessary. Click SUBMIT button to complete.

Create and email sales invoices

In order to email sales invoices to customers valid email addresses must be added to the customer record.

Lists - Customers - List Customers - Edit the relevant customer

Create a sales invoice in the usual way and when complete email to the customer.

Activities - Create Invoice

When the invoice has been created the confirmation line, at the top of the screen, displays a Print icon providing a pdf of the Invoice for printing or saving. Clicking the Mail Green icon will send an email with the invoice attached to the email address associated with the Customer. Hint, the email address will display if the mouse pointer hovers over the icon. If no valid email address has been entered then the Mail Red icon will display.

What the Customer receives

The Customer will receive an email with a link to the sales invoice.

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