Cash/Card Takings

Many organisations are cash based. They receive from their customers' cash, cheques or Credit/Debit card income. They may issue till based VAT receipts but do not send invoices and offer periods of credit to their customers. Examples are shops, pubs and window cleaning type businesses. The system provides some specific functions to allow the recording of cash type transactions, deal with banking, receiving credit/debit card income and any purchases the business makes out of cash on hand.

NOTE - the option is only available where selected as an optional feature in 'Control - Organisation Profile'.

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Dealing with Church Collections

Most churches will have at least weekly collections of cash, cheques, gift-aid envelopes and perhaps card reader postings. This topic Regular Church Collections and Cash/Undeposited Receipts offers some help for dealing with the mix of income in an efficient manor for both the user and the system.