RTI Filing Submissions

This page is used to manage RTI submissions


Select the PAYE year from the drop down list. The default will normally be the current PAYE year.

RTI Submission Type

Select the particular submission type required, and except for an FPS click ADD to start the process. Note all outstanding FPS's are displayed when the FPS button is chosen.

Processing a Submission

Once a particular submission has been created, the filing process is started by clicking the SEND button. The EDIT button takes the user back to the submission details and any feedback from local or HMRC validation. The DELETE button removes the pending submission.

Once a submission has been sent and is queued, it may be possible to recall all the submission from the queue by clicking on the RECALL button.

FPS - Full Payment Submission

The FPS will be used at each payroll run to report, for each employee, payments and deductions made. It also allows starter and leaver information to be provided to HMRC. The FPS must be made on or before the date employees are paid. If you process a mixture of payrolls (say weekly paid and monthly paid) an FPS is required for each one.

EPS - Employer Payment Summary

HMRC will gather PAYE and NIC liability information from FPS submissions; an EPS however is used to inform HMRC of any changes to liability such as recovering statutory payments (SSP, SMP, CIS, NIC Holiday etc.) and also advising HMRC of a nil return. An EPS must be submitted before the relevant liability payment (monthly or quarterly) to HMRC.

NVR - National Insurance Number Verification Request

An NVR submission is used to validate an employees national insurance number or if necessary request one for a new employee.

EYU - Earlier Year Update

Will be used to make corrections to the prior year figures. An EYU submission will only be needed and available from 6th April of the following income tax year.


Clicking the XML button will download the associated XML file sent to HMRC. The file contains the data sent to HMRC for that particular filing. The file is displayed in its raw format but the relevant data pieces can be picked out. The file is made available to assist is any discussions with HMRC on data filed.

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