Security Events

This screen is used to display a list of security events that have taken place within the selected date range. The list includes date and time of the event, the user involved and a memo field proving some additional information about the event.

The listing may be filtered by User Name or Event Type.


The Security Events tracked are described below and the list can be filtered as necessary. Note that this listing deals with access and user involvement with the organisation. It does not deal with transactions; an audit trail for that is available under the Reports menu or attached to each transaction by clicking the Audit Action button.

List All security Events
Access granted to user
Records when access is granted to the organisation to a user
Access revoked from a user
Records when access is removed from the organisation by a user
Menu items updated for a user
Records when access to a particular menu item has changed.
New user created
Records when a new user is created and access from within the context of the organisation.
Organisation file opened
Records when a user opens the accounts file for the organisation.
Organisation file closed
Records when a user closes the accounts file for the organisation (NB this event may not be recorded if the user does not explicitly close the account).
Role added for user
Records when a Role is added to a user profile.
Role deleted for user
Records when a Role is deleted for a user profile.
Security policy updated
Records when the Security Policy is changed for the organisation.
User TOTP device deregistration
Records when a user is de-registered from a TOTP device from the Manage Users screen of the organisation.

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