Payroll Run Settings

This screen is used to prepare a particular payroll run. This is done by selecting a payroll admin group and the date of the payroll payment.

Note to start a new payroll run click on the red + symbol.

Ensure Data has been entered and is correct

Use the Payroll - Check List as a helpful briefing tool in preparing, running and completing a payroll run.

Payroll Run Settings

Select the PAYE payment date for your payroll run. This is the date that is used to define which PAYE period the payment falls in for the purposes of PAYE calculations. This date is reported to HMRC as the payment date unless you provide a separate cash payment date.

Note only one payroll run is allowed per PAYE period (weekly, Monthly etc) for any employee. A warning message is displayed if a second is attempted.

An optional cash payment date may be provided where it is different from the PAYE payment date. This can occur where a weekly payroll has a PAYE payment date on a Friday, but the actual payment is made in the following week after hours worked info is available to allow the payroll to be calculated. Also where the pay period is say for a calendar month, ending on the last day of a month but where the salary payment is made a few days before say the 28th of the month. If this date is completed, it is given to HMRC as the Payment Date in the FPS and is the date by which the FPS must be filed.

Select the payroll admin group for the payroll to calculate and file. The pay interval is the frequency of payment to the employee and will be either monthly, weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly. Each employee on the payroll must belong to one of the pay interval groups.

The payroll run can be for all employees or a selected employee.

To autopost the net payments to employees to a bank account tick the box. In the fields that appear select the bank account from which payments are made and whether to record individual payments per employee or an aggregate amount.

To suppress the preparation of an FPS for filing when the payroll is closed tick the box. This may be appropriate when making historic corrections and you only want to refile the latest payroll with corrected year-to-date figures. It is recommended professional advice is taken before using this option.

HMRC ask payroll schemes to send either an FPS or an EPS with a final submission for the year indicator set when they do not plan to make any more payroll submissions for the PAYE year. Check the 'Send Final Submission For Year Indicator' option to if this is your final FPS for the year and you do not have any further submissions to make. You can change the setting in Liberty on the FPS record before sending if you need to. If you forget to set the indicator on your last FPS you can send the indicator using an EPS submission.

To automatically email payslips to employees on successful filing of the FPS for this pay run with HMRC ensure the box is ticked. It is recommended that employee email addresses are confirmed before using this option.

To prepare multiple payrolls calculated forward tick the box and then enter an Until date in the date box.

Payrun Processing

After the selections are made and Submitted, the resulting payroll run(s) are opened and displayed below the settings box. Each run may be managed as required.

To complete an Auto Enrolment (AE) assessment using the payrun data to determine the pay reference period assessment date, click the AE ASSESSMENT button. A list of employees in the payroll is displayed together with the AE assessment information. This information is stored when the payroll is closed and/or FPS filed.

Where expenses are to be paid via the payroll, clicking IMPORT EXPENSES button accesses a screen to select expenses.

Once imported click recalculate or calculate depending on current status. Payslips and other reports are available from the payroll Reports menu. Compete the payroll run by filing the FPS.

Filing an FPS

Unless previously filed manually, calculated pay runs will be filed automatically on the earlier of the PAYE payment date or the cash payment date if provided. The auto-filing will occur around 11pm on the date of the payrun (not the date it was prepared if prepared earlier).

Filing the payroll run closes the payroll and the system posts the transactions to the nominal ledger accounts.

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